Standard 2-on-1 Eight Ball rules

2-on-1 Eight Ball is a variation on the standard 8 ball rules for three players.  Two people are on one team and the other player is alone.  This variant is also useful if the single player is better than the team or two players.  It gives an advantage to the two-person-team.

There is also an option for play when there is a missing object ball, this is useful for occasions where a ball is completely missing, damaged or if the ball was not released by the for-pay table mechanism.


  • 15 pool balls numbered 1-15
  • Two cue balls
  • Triangle rack
  • Pool table

The basic play is the same as Eight Ball including using a single cue ball.  The two-person-team takes turns taking shots.  This is different than some team based play where alternating turns are traded.  If player A from the two-person-team sinks a ball, then player B from the two-person-team gets his/her the next shot.

Once the two-person-team sinks a ball the additional cue ball is placed on the table on the head spot.  From then on, either cue ball may be used by any player.  The cue ball hit by the player is the active cue for that shot.  The other cue ball is just a dummy ball.  It may be hit first without a foul, it may be sunk without a foul.  If it is sunk, it is placed on the head spot without penalty and the current player continues their turn, even if no other object ball is sunk.  As per normal rules, if the active cue is sunk it is a scratch and the other player/team gets ball in hand.  See 7.0 of the official billiard rules.

15-ball-rackIf the single-player gets 2 balls ahead of the two-person-team the handicap is activated.  In this play both players on the two-person-team take a shot at the same time.  Each player chooses a cue ball and they count down and take their shot simultaneously.  This requires coordination to avoid unintended consequences.  Both cue balls are active so if one is sunk it is a scratch.  If both are sunk one is placed on the head spot and the other is ball-in-hand to the other player.

If either or both players sink their object ball the two-person-team continues their turn.  Only one object ball needs to be sunk to continue their turn.  When there is a single object ball other than the 8 ball left the two-person-team no longer takes simultaneous shots.

Both of the simultaneous shots must be legal shots.  Particularly, the cue must first hit an object ball from his/her group and the cue or object ball must hit a rail or the object ball must be pocketed.  See 7.3 and 7.4 of the official billiard rules.

The simultaneous shot rule stays in effect for the remainder of the game, even if the single player is no longer ahead by 2 balls.

Special rule for missing object ball:  If an object ball is missing the additional cue ball is racked with the other balls.  For the break this ball is a stand-in for the missing ball.  After the break, either cue may be used as the active cue, the other one is a stand-in for the missing ball.  This gives a slight advantage to the team that has the additional cue-ball-stand-in.  For this reason, the two-person-team can optionally pre-select that group of balls prior to breaking.

This special rule may optionally be used even if there are no missing object balls.  In this case, one of the object balls is swapped for the extra cue in the rack.



Eric Braverman open research

Update 2016-12-22 Proof Someone is reading Eric’s emails

What do we know with high certainty:

  1. Eric did not tell Ron Fournier to “Follow the Money”.  It was someone else, maybe Ira Magaziner?  See Wikileaks and Ron Fournier Article” section below.
  2. Someone is using Neil Brown’s Facebook.  See Facebook section below.
  3. Someone is reading Eric Braverman’s email.
  4. Someone is reading Neil Brown’s email, proof coming later pending additional research.

Eric Braverman appears to have disappeared.  But, what does this exactly mean?  He hasn’t logged into Twitter or responded to annoying emails?  Neither has his husband Neil Brown.  This happens when a person has disappeared, this can also be a normal reaction to an annoying situation.

Rather than take the small amount of evidence from Twitter other surface sources, we want to accumulate better data about what is really going on?  This post is work in progress to serve as a place to accumulate this data.  We will update this post as we acquire more data.  References will be included as much as possible.

If you have anything that you feel is missing, feel free to use the contact form or via Twittter, please include #braveupdate in tweets.  We verified there are is no activity using that hashtag before this post.


Eric’s Twitter account last saw an update on October 12, 2016 when he retweeted something about the upcoming election.

On October 22, when the Podesta Wikileak email was released there was a flurry of tweets to @eric_braverman and #ericbraverman.  This increased when the dubious article about his going to the Russian braverman-twitter-after-oct-22Embassy came out.  See the section “Online Articles” below for this any many other stories.

Since then his Twitter account has seen no updates.  No new tweets: 295 and holding, no new follows: 96 and holding.  He has received many new followers though.  So, there is some good news for him.  On October 25th he had 1,136 followers, December 1st he had 1,783 followers.

A critical thing to note: if Eric were to simply tweet something.  A picture of himself with a newspaper. things would change very fast.  The speculation about disappearing would stop.  Certainly, people would have questions, but it would remove a dark cloud over the Clinton Foundation.

On Twitter search for “@eric_braverman” or “#ericbraverman”.  Also see #braveupdate and #whereseric.

2016-12-08 Update

braverman-twitter-2016-12-01-following-96Eric’s Twitter page has been very static except for the number of people following Eric.  That changed today, Eric followed another person.  Initially this seems like he’s been on Twitter, unfortunately, after further investigation it seems he was probably not involved.

braverman-twitter-2016-12-08-following-97Between October 22 and December 7 Eric was following 96 people.  On December the number had changed to 97.  At first it seems that Eric added a new follower, however, the newest follow is @amy_rao who has a protected account, she has to approve all followers.  We think Eric had requested to follow her in the past and she just got around to accepting his request.  amy_rao-page-2016-12-08Have a look at her page and send her a request.  Maybe ask if she knows what’s up with Eric.

Wikileaks and Ron Fournier Articletwitter-joenbc-follow-the-money-tweet-2015-03-08

On March 8, 2015 Joe Scarbouough tweeted an article on  The tweet said this: ‘A source close to the Clintons tell @ron_fournier to “follow the money” and find the real HRC scandal.’

The article is titled “Emails May Be a Key to Addressing ‘Pay-to-Play’ Whispers at Clinton Foundation”.  You can read the article on the National Journal site but must subscribe, or a freely viewable version hosted at  It’s a great article with good info, absolutely worth your time.

wikileaks-holy-moses-email-2016-11-22-croppedThis tweet prompted an email conversation between John Podesta and Neera Tanden discussing who the source was.  Initially Neera thought it was Doug Band, Podesta replied simply saying “Eric Braverman”.  This must have meant something to Neera as her only response was “Holy Moses”.

On October 22, 2016 Wikileaks published this email chain between John Podesta and Neera Tanden:

The article describes the inside source as “One of his[Bill Clinton] longest-serving advisers, a person who had worked directly for the foundation”.  While Eric Braverman did work directly for the foundation, he probably would not be considered one of Bill’s longest serving advisors.

wikileak-doug-or-iraThe email chain continues after the mention of Eric Braverman.  Neera presses the point about a Eric being “long serving”.  Podesta then  speculates the leak could be “…doug or ira.”  He is referring to Doug Band and Ira Magaziner.  Could one these people be the leak described as “One of his[Bill Clinton] longest-serving advisers”?

Doug is quoted by name in the article so it would be strange for the article to directly quote Doug and also include comments from Doug as the unnamed source.  On the other hand, there were tensions between Doug and Chelsea Clinton for years.  Eric Braverman was later brought in by Chelsea, this didn’t help.  In March 2015 the divide between the Clintons and Doug Band was large enough that he quit the next month.  This does keep the spotlight on Doug Band and the possible leak.

Ira Magaziner is the Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of the Clinton Health Access Initiative.  He certainly would be well informed and could be described as a long-serving advisor.  It’s unclear what would motivate Ira to share this type of information because he was working at the Clinton Foundation at the time and remains there currently.

There is no certainty who unnamed the leak is.  If the leak was truly a long serving advisor Eric can probably be ruled out.  If this is the case, why the continued speculation about Eric?

  • He has inside information about the Clinton foundation
  • He left under short notice, but not to go to a different job
  • He was at odds with the long time Clinton friends
  • He was supposed to clean up the foundation
  • He teach courses on ethics at Yale
  • Most importantly: he seems to have disappeared

2016-12-10 Updateron-admitting-eric-is-not-the-source

In a Twitter conversation on December 9 Ron Fournier confirmed that Eric Braverman was not the source.  Ron doesn’t even know Eric Braverman.

Clarification is great, but it deepens the mystery about why Eric is missing.


Eric’s bio page on Yale’s Jackson Institute lists him as a Senior Fellow and says he “teaches courses on ethical choices in public leadership and on innovation in government”.

This could be the most reliable source of information.  If there is confirmation that Eric was teaching before October 22 and that he hasn’t after we can be quite certain he has disappeared.  If the class didn’t have any students or he never started teaching in September there would be no confirmationsom-yale-edu-bio-page-2016-12-02

The Yale course catalog has him teach a dual class for Fall 2016:

  • Ethical Choices in Public Leadership
    • MGT 629 01 (14034) /GLBL792
    • Th 5.00-8.00p, F 8.30-12.30
    • HORCHOW, in room HLH55

He is scheduled to teach a similar dual class for Spring 2017:

  • Innovation in Government and Society
    • GLBL 697 01 (23591) /MGT866
    • Th 5.00-8.00p, F 8.30-12.30
    • No classroom designed yet

Several attempts have been made to verify if he has been teaching his classes after the leak.

We called the contact number on the Jackson Institute page and were transferred to the PR person.  She preferred an email with questions.  So far three emails have been sent with no reply.

We will continue to seek information directly form Yale.  We also would encourage other citizen journalists to attempt to get an answer from Yale.  Any students currently attending Yale may have a better avenue for information.  Particularly if they are enrolled in the Jackson Institute.  Even better would be asking someone that was taking Eric’s class in the Fall 2016 semester.

Yale’s 2016–2017 Academic Calendar suggest there Eric’s class will meet 4 more times:

  • Thursday, December 8 at 5PM
  • Friday, December 9 at 8:30AM
  • Thursday, December 15 at 5PM
  • Friday, December 16 at 8:30AM

Classes are in Horchow, room HLH55.  55 Hillhouse Ave, New Haven, CT 06520

2016-12-07 Update

We have not received any new useful information despite efforts.  We have tried to contact a few groups at Yale that might be helpful but no responses.  Specifically we sent emails to Yale Free Press.  Feel free to send requests their way.

Yale Council of Global Advisors

It would be wonderful if someone were to drop by one of these sessions to see if Eric is there and say hi.  Bring your camera.  If there were confirmation he was currently teaching this entire Braverman dilemma would instantly end.  Post results to #braveupdate.

yale-council-of-global-advisors-2016-12-01Eric is also listed at Yale on the “Council of Global Advisors”.  It’s unclear if this is a board that meets occasionally.  If so, if Eric were to miss a meeting would it be notable?  We have no information or ideas how this could be useful.  We are open to ideas: #braveupdate


Moved to dedicated email page after proof someone is reading his email was found.


Eric’s profile has a rather standard privacy setting.  People that are not friends cannot see anything except profile pictures.  The current profile picture was set months ago and hasn’t been updated recently.  This is normal.

Several people have sent friend requests but have gone unaccepted.  Messages are also unanswered.  None of this is completely unusual if you are annoyed by current events.

We would love to get information from someone that is currently friends on Facebook.  Have there been any updates since October 22.  If you are friends with him on Facebook or know someone that is, please post to Twitter with #braveupdate.

2016-12-07 Update

Eric’s Facebook page does not allow sending friend requests, a privacy option in Facebook.  This may have been the setting before October 22, but we are unsure, it could have changed after but we have not evidence either way.

Eric’s husband is Neil Brown.  Neil has a Facebook page as well.  Messages have been sent to Neil but go unanswered.  This is normal for people that are not connected as friends in Facebook.  When you send a friend request to a person in Facebook you can see the requests you have pending.  Go to “Find Friends” then “View Sent Requests”.  Someone reported that they sent a request yesterday and took screen shots.

This is what anyone will see when searching for Neil Brown:


After sending the friend request you can view your sent requests.  This was December 6 2016:

Neil Brown after friend request 2016-12-06.png

If someone accepts your request you get a notification.  If they reject your request you do not get a notification but the request will no longer appear on the “View Sent Requests” listing.  On December 7, 2016 the request sent to Neil was no longer visible in the list.  When searching for Neil Brown the “Add Friend” button is no longer visible:

Neil Brown after friend request 2016-12-07.png

This could suggest Neil is active on Facebook and rejecting friend requests for people he doesn’t know.  It could mean someone else could is maintaining his Facebook page.  It could also mean Facebook has adjusted something for his profile based on the number of requests, or inactivity, or recent events surrounding him.

It’s a tiny, small event, but this could pry open the door.  His public profile has some posts with comments and likes from his friends.  People could send messages and friend requests to Neil friends.  Maybe one of the would be interested in having a look at Neil’s page and sending a screen shot.  Maybe someone has seen him recently and would let us know.

Eric’s Facebook page also has pictures with comments and likes from his friends.  See if anyone wants to share some information.


Same as Facebook.  People that are not already connected to Eric cannot see much.  If anyone currently connected to Eric on LinkedIn could take a screenshot of his page and send it using the contact form or post to Twitter with #braveupdate.


Relationship Science is similar to LinkedIn except it’s a payed service.  If anyone has an active account please share any information that is visible and useful.  #braveupdate

Leigh Bureauleighbureau-com-bio-2016-11-22

“The Leigh Bureau is a premium speakers bureau serving business and sophisticated cultural audiences worldwide.”

Eric is listed as a speaker.  Someone can hire him to speak.  Maybe someone wants to try to call The Leigh Bureau and try to book Eric to speak next week? #braveupdate


Stanley Braverman is Eric’s father, he lives in Danbury, CT.

Cindi Hasit is Eric’s mother, she lives in Cherry Hill, NJ.

We don’t want to bother his parents so are including no information here.

rex-group-llc-2016-11-22Rex Group LLC

Eric is the founder and sole proprietor of Rex Group LLC, an “Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services” company.  Not much information is found about this organization.  It is listed in the GovTrive web site.  It includes Eric’s home address in Washington D.C. and includes a phone number that goes to Google Voice.

A call was made to the number, a voice mail was left, no return call yet.

arenastage-org-board-of-trustees-2016-11-23Arena Stage Board of Trustees

Eric is listed as one of the Vice Chairs of the board.  Board like this probably don’t meet very often.  It may be interesting to see if anyone at the Arena Stage has anything useful to add.

Likely Fake Online Articles

We make no claims about the veracity of these articles.  They are probably  untrue.  They are pertinent because thet fed the initial concern over Braverman’s situation.

October 22

October 24

This is the first article suggesting he went to the Russian Embassy.  Beware, this site is full of mostly incorrect information.  We consider this nothing more than click bait.

October 25

Credible Online Articles

October 25

November 10

November 14

December 29

This is the best recent article about Eric.  Highly recommended to read.  Real journalism here.

January 1

January 2

January 3

January 5


Snopes has done a very poor job fact collecting on Eric Braverman.  They have two articles, the first, on October 25, responding to the claims he sought asylum at the Russian embassy.  They declare that false, however, they provide zero evidence of the false claim.  They base the false claim because of the web site that published the article,  While this site does have little credibility, claiming something is false simply because of the source is terribly lazy and sloppy.

Snopes offers no evidence to the contrary, they simply claim “false” because they had no additional evidence he was seeking asylum.

On January 2 Snopes posted another article addressing wether Eric was “Missing Inaction”[sic].  For this article they did do a small amount of research.  They left a voicemail and sent an email to Eric which were both unanswered.  Strangely, they didn’t find this unusual.  I know if I received a voicemail or email from Snopes or, anyone, asking if I were dead or missing I would respond immediately.

They also attempted to contact the New Haven police department, but received no response.  Maybe they were under an aggressive deadline for the article and couldn’t wait for the police department to answer?  Inquiries to the missing person’s report at New York City and Washington DC came up empty.  He’s also not listed on a national database of missing persons maintained by the DoJ.  These attempts are clearly half-hearted.

At least they claim “unproven” instead of “false” this time.  This is a more accurate conclusion.  If they really care, they will continue continue to attempt to contact Eric or Yale for clear evidence Eric is not missing.  This will be quite easy if he’s not missing.  Hopefully Snopes will continue to “fact check” on Eric.


Regarding Eric Braverman

Eric Braverman was the CEO of the Clinton Foundation from 2013 through January 2015 when he unexpectedly quit.  His contract had even been recently extended into 2017.

Good coverage of his time at the Clinton Foundation can be read here:

After the Clinton Foundation Eric continued to teach graduate classes at Yale and served on several boards for theaters and Yale associated organizations. One of the courses he teaches is Ethical Choices in Public Leadership.

Things changed on October 22, 2016 when WikiLeaks released emails uncovered a conversation between John Podesta and Neera Tanden.  Neera was concerned about someone inside the Clinton Foundation leaking scandal information to Ron Fournier, a journalist with The Atlantic.  She suspected the leak was Doug Band.

Doug was a good guess as he had recently had a falling out with the Clintons.  However, Podesta responded with a single line email: “Eric Braverman”.  Neera’s response was simply “Holy Moses”.


Being the former CEO, Eric could have been privy to any shady activities that happened at the foundation.  This puts Eric in a difficult position, if he was, indeed, the leak, they know it and he knows they know.  Certainly any ongoing investigations at the FBI would be interested in speaking with Eric.  The Clinton Foundation would prefer if Eric would not talk with anyone.

Twitter explodes on @eric_braverman.  His account rarely tweets anything, maybe once a month.  The most recent tweet is regarding the election, dated October 12, 2016.  People are asking is he is safe, asking his whereabouts and many other sensible and crazy things.  There is no response to this activity on his Twitter account.  Even though he rarely uses Twitter, he has to be aware of the situation.  Requests to simply reply with at status update get no response.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-10-51-57-amEven stranger, a web site claims Eric has gone to the Russian Embassy to ask for asylum.  However, the site has a history of publishing extreme claims and the story offers no supporting evidence.  (This site is so untrustworthy we won’t post a link to it.)  Other storied popped up, though they also lack evidence and generally seem to expand on the initial story.  Few people take the story seriously, though it causes you to wonder what has happened.

There are few other public faces for Eric other than Twitter.  He has a Facebook account and Linked in.  These have privacy settings set to private, so outsiders cannot see activity.  He has an account on RelSci, a LinkedIn alternative specializing in financial, nonprofit, corporate, legal and professional services sectors.  This is a for-pay service and doesn’t allow non-members much access.

For the next several weeks there is continued silence from Twitter.  No mention of the election.  This is unusual being he used to work for Hillary’s foundation.  His Twitter history has several tweets referring to the election.  Nothing in the last few days before the election.  Remember, his former employer was running for President.


In the meantime, his husband, Neil Brown is similarly silent on all social media.  Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.  Emails to both Eric at his address and Neil at his address go unanswered.  Facebook friend requests and LinkedIn connections requests are neither accepted nor rejected.

Eric is listed as teach two classes for the Fall 2016 semester at Yale.  Some reports on Twitter and YouTube claim he has not shown up for class, though these claims are unsupported.


There is no shortage of conspiracy theories on Twitter and YouTube about Mr. Braverman.  Topics include arms trading, drugs, oil, classified information leakage, pay-for-play, etc.  The theories about his whereabouts include  However, many don’t provide much evidence so must be taken carefully.

We are not interested in unfounded conspiracy theories.  Strong evidence is important.

People with personal contact with Eric and Neil, or have had interaction with them online are encouraged to share their experiences to put to rest some of the more nefarious theories.  Twitter would be a great avenue for this information and we are glad to accept information with evidence through our contact form.