Regarding Eric Braverman

Eric Braverman was the CEO of the Clinton Foundation from 2013 through January 2015 when he unexpectedly quit.  His contract had even been recently extended into 2017.

Good coverage of his time at the Clinton Foundation can be read here:

After the Clinton Foundation Eric continued to teach graduate classes at Yale and served on several boards for theaters and Yale associated organizations. One of the courses he teaches is Ethical Choices in Public Leadership.

Things changed on October 22, 2016 when WikiLeaks released emails uncovered a conversation between John Podesta and Neera Tanden.  Neera was concerned about someone inside the Clinton Foundation leaking scandal information to Ron Fournier, a journalist with The Atlantic.  She suspected the leak was Doug Band.

Doug was a good guess as he had recently had a falling out with the Clintons.  However, Podesta responded with a single line email: “Eric Braverman”.  Neera’s response was simply “Holy Moses”.


Being the former CEO, Eric could have been privy to any shady activities that happened at the foundation.  This puts Eric in a difficult position, if he was, indeed, the leak, they know it and he knows they know.  Certainly any ongoing investigations at the FBI would be interested in speaking with Eric.  The Clinton Foundation would prefer if Eric would not talk with anyone.

Twitter explodes on @eric_braverman.  His account rarely tweets anything, maybe once a month.  The most recent tweet is regarding the election, dated October 12, 2016.  People are asking is he is safe, asking his whereabouts and many other sensible and crazy things.  There is no response to this activity on his Twitter account.  Even though he rarely uses Twitter, he has to be aware of the situation.  Requests to simply reply with at status update get no response.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-10-51-57-amEven stranger, a web site claims Eric has gone to the Russian Embassy to ask for asylum.  However, the site has a history of publishing extreme claims and the story offers no supporting evidence.  (This site is so untrustworthy we won’t post a link to it.)  Other storied popped up, though they also lack evidence and generally seem to expand on the initial story.  Few people take the story seriously, though it causes you to wonder what has happened.

There are few other public faces for Eric other than Twitter.  He has a Facebook account and Linked in.  These have privacy settings set to private, so outsiders cannot see activity.  He has an account on RelSci, a LinkedIn alternative specializing in financial, nonprofit, corporate, legal and professional services sectors.  This is a for-pay service and doesn’t allow non-members much access.

For the next several weeks there is continued silence from Twitter.  No mention of the election.  This is unusual being he used to work for Hillary’s foundation.  His Twitter history has several tweets referring to the election.  Nothing in the last few days before the election.  Remember, his former employer was running for President.


In the meantime, his husband, Neil Brown is similarly silent on all social media.  Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.  Emails to both Eric at his address and Neil at his address go unanswered.  Facebook friend requests and LinkedIn connections requests are neither accepted nor rejected.

Eric is listed as teach two classes for the Fall 2016 semester at Yale.  Some reports on Twitter and YouTube claim he has not shown up for class, though these claims are unsupported.


There is no shortage of conspiracy theories on Twitter and YouTube about Mr. Braverman.  Topics include arms trading, drugs, oil, classified information leakage, pay-for-play, etc.  The theories about his whereabouts include  However, many don’t provide much evidence so must be taken carefully.

We are not interested in unfounded conspiracy theories.  Strong evidence is important.

People with personal contact with Eric and Neil, or have had interaction with them online are encouraged to share their experiences to put to rest some of the more nefarious theories.  Twitter would be a great avenue for this information and we are glad to accept information with evidence through our contact form.