Eric Braverman Email Info

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Eric’s email address at Yale is

He also may have this Hotmail address:

Several emails have been sent with no response.  This is not too unusual considering the circumstances.  If you receive email from him, let us know: #braveupdate

Neil Brown, Eric’s husband works at KKR, his email address is  He has not responded to any emails either.

Neil’s gmail address is, send an email and report if he responds: #braveupdate

2016-12-22 Update Proof someone is reading Eric’s emails

sentmessageAn email was sent to Eric’s Yale address with a Read Receipt.  This causes an email client to send back a notification when the email is read.  A read receipt was received 5 minutes after the message was sent.  This is solid proof that someone is reading Eric’s emails.

For additional information an image was included in the email pointing to a web server where we could read the access log.  At the same time as the read receipt was sent the image was accessed from the web server.  This request comes from directly from the computer the user is on.  The IP address was

readreceiptThis means that the person that opened the email was using this IP address when the message was viewed.

The IP address could be from an in-flight WiFi system. Plug this IP address into and you will see it’s owned by AirCell who has recently been renamed to Gogo Inflight Internet or GoGo Business Aviation.


ip-trackerThere are other IP Geolocation services, they don’t agree on the specific location but generally agree on Gogo owning the IP range.

This could mean Eric was on a flight when he received the message.  Maybe traveling to visit family for the Holidays.  Let’s hope.